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10 Reasons Why People Like Your Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you post, people are gonna “like” or “favorite” your posts. But with the abundance of friends, one gets confused about the real reason each person holds behind his/her “like”.

Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes

After experiencing for more than five years in online relationships and social networking , I can share with you my humble observations of what “likes” can really say:

1- I’m your best friend, I’ll always be here for you buddy.

2- I’m your sister/brother/cousin, this “like” is a family support system, don’t forget!

3- I just posted a pic, so I will like yours now, don’t forget to like mine.

4- Oh, you just liked my pic!  There you go, here’s your reward, thx!

5- Hmm, it’s that person that always likes my pix for no reason, sure here’s a “like” loyal fan.

Facebook Like Button hand-portrait

Facebook Like Button hand-portrait

6- It was nice seeing you after a long time, here’s a “like” to get us back on the friendship road!

7- I have a crush on you!

8- I’m so fucking jealous that I’m gonna like this picture to show you that I’m so fucking cool with it.

9- Haha! I’ve finally liked your picture, just because this one doesn’t include you!

10- Oh! Nice pic!


In case you had anything to add, please be my guest.

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