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10 Reasons Why People Like Your Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you post, people are gonna “like” or “favorite” your posts. But with the abundance of friends, one gets confused about the real reason each person holds behind his/her “like”.

Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes

After experiencing for more than five years in online relationships and social networking , I can share with you my humble observations of what “likes” can really say:

1- I’m your best friend, I’ll always be here for you buddy.

2- I’m your sister/brother/cousin, this “like” is a family support system, don’t forget!

3- I just posted a pic, so I will like yours now, don’t forget to like mine.

4- Oh, you just liked my pic!  There you go, here’s your reward, thx!

5- Hmm, it’s that person that always likes my pix for no reason, sure here’s a “like” loyal fan.

Facebook Like Button hand-portrait

Facebook Like Button hand-portrait

6- It was nice seeing you after a long time, here’s a “like” to get us back on the friendship road!

7- I have a crush on you!

8- I’m so fucking jealous that I’m gonna like this picture to show you that I’m so fucking cool with it.

9- Haha! I’ve finally liked your picture, just because this one doesn’t include you!

10- Oh! Nice pic!


In case you had anything to add, please be my guest.

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A Lebanese Muslim Replies To Nosra & ISIS Threats


I am Lebanese & Muslim. And this is my reply to the terrorists’ threats (ISIS, Nosra, or any other Muslim Pretender) to Lebanon:

I challenge the state of blasphemy and profane (yes this is what I call them and that’s what everybody is supposed to call them, starting with the media who made them famous in the first place), because I obey no one but my GOD. I believe that I speak on behalf of the Lebanese people when I say that all of us will support theLebanese Army to the core to get your shitty state away from us. 

Lebanese Army Will Step on terrorists' necks

I would like to inform the chief pig of this militia and his disgusting followers to wake up, for I have three important news for them:

1- You shall, in God’s will, burn and be tortured in hell (how awesome is that ! 🙂 ), for your mass destruction made on earth in the name of Satan (i.e. Killing innocent Children; women; old people; and men, raping people’s lands and women, crucifying innocent people, disobeying God in every evil aspect, evacuating people from their houses, spreading terror, beheading people, changing the Quraan verses, selling virgins, distorting the pure meaning of Jihad and Islam as a whole, calling for savage sex, appetite for blood, etc.)


2- If you think you are Muslims, then think again! Please know that you are disbelievers and are enemies of Islam. You are enemies of Islam, and Islam states very clearly that people like you shall be fought by every breathing Muslim until your evil is no longer on earth.


3- However, if you know that you are disbelievers, but you’re trying to hijack Islam and distort its image in the eyes of the world, please know that people like me will hunt you till death and won’t shut until righteousness finds its way. In addition, your plan for destroying the co-existence of Muslims and their brothers in humanity from various religious or cultural background is a total failure, especially in my country, Lebanon.


Now I would like to send a special request to our Lebanese Mufti, for he has a higher power than me, to ask the young Lebanese Muslims to Join the military forces to defend: Lebanon, its non Muslim & Muslim people, and the beautiful religion of Islam.  


Before I close this message, I’d like to send another call for the media everywhere around the globe, especially the Lebanese media: Please mind renaming the state of blasphemy and profane with anything but the name that they wish to own, because if you keep on calling them “Muslims” you’ll be giving them a great help in destroying the image of one of the most beautiful divine religions on earth.


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It’s Not So Easy!

Chevrolet Arabia’s ad for the new Cruze is one of the ads that I’ve been watching on TV and got my attention from the first time I saw it. I could easily relate to the parent/son situation, and understand the value of connecting through music; really clever putting. However, the problem that the ad has is the song itself! The funny thing is that it is not because the song is a bad one, but because it is exactly the opposite of bad, the song was so good into an extent it overshadowed the ad’s message. Check out some of people’s comments on the Ad on YouTube in the picture below:


The song was made especially for the ad by William Rottman. I guess Chevrolet didn’t want to use an already existing hit song in their ad, so it won’t take away the ad’s success. Ironically, the song that they made took them to the same dark road that they were avoiding to go to with their new Cruze!

Bottom line, one cannot be too careful, or else he’ll fall into the same mistake. It’s not so easy to be a Marketer.

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I know your little secret Armenians!

I know your little secret Armenians!

At last!
For years I’ve been wondering why do Armenian last names end in yan or ian? But with a little research I got the mystery solved. So I’d like to gladly share the answer with you! Continue reading

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Mish nef3a De5il El Matraben!

While walking the streets of the ancient souk of Jbeil, I found these young talents performing “Ra2set Layla” by “Mashrou3 Layla”, so I couldn’t help it & took a small video of them! 🙂

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Oppa HU Style!

Nope they are not professional, nor organized…Yet they made HU DANCE along with a great vibe!

Shakin it up on a fund raising event at HU Campus…Enjoy 😉

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A President’s Visit

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 was the most unusual day I have ever witnessed in my University, Haigazian.

HU logo

Continue reading

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The Jinks Couple

It’s neither because of the weak economy, nor the shaky security grounds in Lebanon that restaurants & Pubs are closing, it’s merely because of us, the “Jinks Couple“.

The Jinks Couple

Continue reading

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Yes “Grammar Nazis”, I wrote it with a “C”!


Well, in this digital age, everything is turning into an easy technology that can make our lives easier. & since relationships are very Continue reading

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\m/ My 1rst Rock Concert \m/

I hate talking too much so let’s just get to the point – & yes I’m mad because I wrote this blog before, but it didn’t save so now I’m writing it all over. I love rock music – like really love rock music! Four words summarize it: My Passion In Life –  especially the alternative genre, which includes my favorite type of indie rock.

As I grew up in age, my first band crush was for Continue reading

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