A Lebanese Muslim Replies To Nosra & ISIS Threats


I am Lebanese & Muslim. And this is my reply to the terrorists’ threats (ISIS, Nosra, or any other Muslim Pretender) to Lebanon:

I challenge the state of blasphemy and profane (yes this is what I call them and that’s what everybody is supposed to call them, starting with the media who made them famous in the first place), because I obey no one but my GOD. I believe that I speak on behalf of the Lebanese people when I say that all of us will support theLebanese Army to the core to get your shitty state away from us. 

Lebanese Army Will Step on terrorists' necks

I would like to inform the chief pig of this militia and his disgusting followers to wake up, for I have three important news for them:

1- You shall, in God’s will, burn and be tortured in hell (how awesome is that ! 🙂 ), for your mass destruction made on earth in the name of Satan (i.e. Killing innocent Children; women; old people; and men, raping people’s lands and women, crucifying innocent people, disobeying God in every evil aspect, evacuating people from their houses, spreading terror, beheading people, changing the Quraan verses, selling virgins, distorting the pure meaning of Jihad and Islam as a whole, calling for savage sex, appetite for blood, etc.)


2- If you think you are Muslims, then think again! Please know that you are disbelievers and are enemies of Islam. You are enemies of Islam, and Islam states very clearly that people like you shall be fought by every breathing Muslim until your evil is no longer on earth.


3- However, if you know that you are disbelievers, but you’re trying to hijack Islam and distort its image in the eyes of the world, please know that people like me will hunt you till death and won’t shut until righteousness finds its way. In addition, your plan for destroying the co-existence of Muslims and their brothers in humanity from various religious or cultural background is a total failure, especially in my country, Lebanon.


Now I would like to send a special request to our Lebanese Mufti, for he has a higher power than me, to ask the young Lebanese Muslims to Join the military forces to defend: Lebanon, its non Muslim & Muslim people, and the beautiful religion of Islam.  


Before I close this message, I’d like to send another call for the media everywhere around the globe, especially the Lebanese media: Please mind renaming the state of blasphemy and profane with anything but the name that they wish to own, because if you keep on calling them “Muslims” you’ll be giving them a great help in destroying the image of one of the most beautiful divine religions on earth.


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