I know your little secret Armenians!

I know your little secret Armenians!

At last!
For years I’ve been wondering why do Armenian last names end in yan or ian? But with a little research I got the mystery solved. So I’d like to gladly share the answer with you!

Here it goes & I quote the best answer provided on Yahoo: “Most Armenian names end in “ian” or “yan,” meaning the “son of,” but some Diaspora Armenians have changed these endings to blend in their host societies. Today in Turkey “oglu” often replaces “ian,” while Russian Armenians may change the endings to “ov”; e.g., Gary Kasparov, Serge Parajanov. A name ending in “ian” is not always exclusively Armenian, since the ending can also be occasionally found in names in Irish, Persian, English, Philippine and some other cultures”.

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2 thoughts on “I know your little secret Armenians!

  1. Very interesting thanks for sharing 🙂

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