A President’s Visit

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 was the most unusual day I have ever witnessed in my University, Haigazian.

HU logo

On that day, everyone was waiting for the Armenian President to pay the University a visit, which will mean a lot for some of my Armenian friends. The University flags were spread on each side of the street between the Mugar & Mehagian buildings. Moreover a big banner was placed at the University’s door showing the Lebanese & Armenian flags together in a beautiful harmony.

At the doors, there was an inspection machine, where people place their bags before they enter the campus, two men from the Lebanese Army, a whole lot of bodyguards, and a trained dog! I was surprised to see my small, modest university looking like that, I couldn’t help but updating my Facebook status saying: “Each time I pass by the bodyguards spread around the univ today, I almost burst with laughter, thinking I’m inside a James Bond Movie xD! — at Haigazian University”.

The classes were stopped at 11:30, and everybody, from faculty to students, went down to campus waiting the President to arrive.


Haigazian University’s Campus

And there he was! (Check him out in this video that I shot).

The rest is known by the ones who attended his speech in Church Hall.


Red Carpet leading to the Church Hall

So if you go ahead and ask me for any last words about this day, I would say:” My country is small in space, but always big in heart…Welcome to Lebanon!”.

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2 thoughts on “A President’s Visit

  1. Ken ba3d na2ess ykoon fi bodyguard bel toilets 😛

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