The Jinks Couple

It’s neither because of the weak economy, nor the shaky security grounds in Lebanon that restaurants & Pubs are closing, it’s merely because of us, the “Jinks Couple“.

The Jinks Couple











Ever since we reunited after school, Mohamad & I started to hang out more often. Our first “unofficial” date was at “Chopsticks” Down Town, where we had a terrific meal, & enjoyed each others’ old memories and stories. few weeks later, we knew that the restaurant is closed and it’s offered for rent.


We were sad to hear that, but on the other hand we had plenty of other places to dine in. & so was it, on December 31st, 2009, we went to celebrate new year’s eve at a newly opened lounge near our houses, called “Doors”. It was a lot of fun, where we danced for the 1st time together. Couple months later, we noticed that “Doors” closed its doors & was substituted by a sushi bar & lounge!

Doors business card

Lakay business card

Now that’s a bummer! Our freshest memory just disappeared in a snap. A week later, we were officially in relationship. So we thought that “Doors” outing doesn’t count, let’s not be sad about it & focus on our new beginning as a couple! So on his first birthday celebration with me, I chose “Lakay” Pub & Restaurant with a Caribbean cuisine, for an exotic night. The food was yummy, the ambiance was cool until we started Karaoke singing with our friends… yeah you can imagine the sounds 😛

Couple of days later…yes! To my surprise, the pub was closed & replaced by a new one called “Zenias”.




And that’s when I started to wonder…Is it us? do we bring  jinks to each place we go to?!                                                                                         Naaa that’s non-sense.

The next victim was an Italian restaurant called “Sbaro” located in Hamra, Gefinor. It used to serve portions of the most famous recipes in the Italian cuisine, where customers can serve themselves. we used to go there whenever we feel like eating, but at the same time weren’t that hungry. But not anymore, since they went out of business earlier that year(2011 as I recall).

Now a tragedy is not a tragedy without the big finale right? So I was saving this for last.

Buddha Bar Beirut post on their own Facebook page

Yes my dears, this is how powerful our curse can get! It took us only one small visit to the Buddha Bar in Down Town Beirut on April,2012 to shut this place down. It was Mohamad’s birthday as well, where we tried their famous sushi menu that I will never forget its taste, & then went upstairs to the club! It was a beautiful beautiful night !

It makes pure sense now, we bring misfortune to each place we visit whenever we have a special occasion, or whenever we feel like eating but not so hungry! There you have it!

So here’s a call for all restaurants & pubs around the world:

BE WARE … of the Jinks Couple!” 

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4 thoughts on “The Jinks Couple

  1. never ever think of dating at the HU campus!!!

  2. haha actually he’s not an HU student 😛

  3. I like it though!! great job

  4. Thanks 🙂

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