Yes “Grammar Nazis”, I wrote it with a “C”!


Well, in this digital age, everything is turning into an easy technology that can make our lives easier. & since relationships are very complicated, where feelings get mixed one with another, why not invent some kind of chips to carry away the heavy load that it create!


“what do you want! Turn us into robots?”


Why haven’t you seen yourselves recently people! You are moving around, up & down, exactly like robots! Ever since TV was brought home, along with radio, cellular phones, internet, & PC people started to disconnect themselves from their surroundings, to reconnect with them electronically (virtually)! This caused in personality weakening, live interactions decreasing, & most importantly robot like relationships.

Today, & thanks to smartphones, I can sit down with my friends & family, talk with them, but have no eye contact between us, because they are too busy texting 🙂 !

I do love technology, but I’m not loving its downsides.

That’s all!

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39 thoughts on “RelationChips!

  1. Mohamad Izmerli

    Hahaha! One chip please!

  2. kamal fatfat

    Well done dear that’s so true u hit the target 🙂

  3. Raffy Avakian

    That is a MasterChip work:)

  4. ayman ayoub

    well too bad its becoming a world wide trend, great article, keep posting them

  5. maya lalti

    nice idea 🙂

  6. Diana Atallah

    Great post !!

  7. Great point Rayan
    And unfortunate that through this Digital era, people are being more and more robotized with their social portals on their mobile scale and not on a real face to face communication.

  8. Hiba Medawar

    so true! keep up the good work Ray

  9. Well said! That’s so true. It’s prevalent nowadays. Good thing is by this phenomenon we will learn to value the real presence of each one. We cannot see we’re healthy unless we experience being sick. Keep up Rayan. Nice one!

  10. the wise panda who shares his pasta

    wanna hear a new era love story? Romeo met Juliet over the internet a week ago, they never met in person yet, but Romeo never misses Juliet anymore, cz Juliet has Romeo on her whatsapp, fb, twitter, skype, sms, land phone book… so when Romeo took Juliet on their first real date, they didnt get to know eachother, cz they already read eachother’s info on fb a million times. they jst sat there, and wondered: “shld we kiss? shld we share the bill? is this true love? fuk it.. let’s jst google the answers, why use our brains when google’s around!” ^^

    • Hahah this is hilarious!
      I just read your email in my inbox! Mr. Abou zoubaba! Haha U had me there for a second with that asian face :p

      • the wise panda who shares his pasta

        snaps!! ktashaftine e.e anw glad u liked my story 😛

    • Mahmoud

      Nice story wise panda, she can use it in her “Relation “chips”” article.

      i didn’t know u dude!!! change your pic now…

  11. Doja Korkomaz

    Well done Rayan 😀

  12. sakrbigo

    nice work chum 😉

  13. Mahmoud

    Wait until the CC system completely arrives to Lebanon, we will be officially “Robots”

    • What is this CC thing? Care to explain?

      • Mahmoud

        Credit Cards (Online payment system), so we can buy almost everything by a simple button click, like the people in the developed countries …

      • Oh Credit Cards! Actually they are already there, but the E-shopping is not that popular yet!

        I’m taking an E-commerce course right now that deals with such issues, so maybe when I graduate I’ll be one of the causes that led robot interactions to spread wider in the country 😛

      • Mahmoud

        I said it’s here but not completely… Actually I use this system already on Apple AppStore, so I’m also helping ‘the robots ”invation” ‘
        And as a programmer I’m happy to say that I make these kind of systems :p

    • Hahah !

      “Robots Invasion” I like the sound of that!

  14. Sara Hallak

    It’s an important subject to discuss, and you wrote about it in a good manner, wish you luck in the coming work (Y)

  15. you are soooooo right! even the microwave detached family relationships! because before the microwave was introduced to our houses, one should come to his/her house on time to eat freshly made food, but after the microwave entered our houses, you can come home after 2 hours of lunch and eat “hot food”

  16. Wael Baytamouni

    When machines take over, the judgement day will come, and my dream will come true…seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in real life as a T-800…the only difference will be that my name is Wael Baytamouni, not John Conner 😀 ….yalla yalla…technology is getting us closer to that day…the rise of the machines day….James Cameron’s fantasy if coming to LIIIIFFEEEE…ISNT THAT COOOL? 😀 😀 😀

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