\m/ My 1rst Rock Concert \m/

I hate talking too much so let’s just get to the point – & yes I’m mad because I wrote this blog before, but it didn’t save so now I’m writing it all over. I love rock music – like really love rock music! Four words summarize it: My Passion In Life –  especially the alternative genre, which includes my favorite type of indie rock.

As I grew up in age, my first band crush was for Coldplay, and then I get to know others like Snow Patrol, Muse, Nickleback, linkin Park, Keane, OneRepublic, and so forth. So it was always a dream of mine for one of these bands to come over Lebanon and perform live in front of me, but  it was far from reach until July 17th, 2012 when Snow Patrol Came to Lebanon & rocked my entire summer.

But today I’m not going to talk about that, because their concert wasn’t my first. Instead, in December 19th, 2011 MEEN, a Lebanese rock band, were the first to sweep me off my feet in their concert for charity at AUB (Church Hall). The concert proceeds went to the HIV/AIDS Fund at Hotel Dieu de France and AUB-MC. The whole idea of a Lebanese rock band was new to the mind, yet exciting.

I didn’t know much songs for MEEN back then, and my elder sister haven’t heard a song for them before, however; we bought tickets expecting to spend a good time. I was excited for the idea of attending a rock concert, but what encouraged me the most was the fact that my first rock concert is going to be 100% Lebanese! How patriotic am I!

Meen’s new album- 3arouset Bkesin

“W bala toul sire”, we went there, we were surprised by the energy that they had, the funky songs that they sang, and most of all with their fantastic sense of humor! For those who haven’t heard of MEEN, let me break it down to you. The band is composed of six members who are as follows: Ralf Choueiri (drums), Makram Aboul Husn (bass), Bernard Najm (keyboard piano), Joe Hammam (electric guitar), Toni Yammine (acoustic guitar), Fouad Yammine (lead singer). And here’s a You Tube video uploaded by Toni Yammine, which includes a report done by Mazaj show on Future TV explaining a bit more what MEEN is about:

Their songs were simple, hilarious, cool, and catchy. They were easy for us to sing along with the band, which made us feel involved in the concert. Other than this, the band’s attitude toward the crowd was amazing. They were throwing light jokes, asking them to sing along louder, and they actually listened to what the crowd wants and sang “Bouza”, although it wasn’t on their playlist. The whole night was unforgettable, where at the end of the concert the band told us about a stand waiting for us outside that holds the band’s CD albums. So we went there my sister & I to buy their new album called “3arouset Bkesin”, and from that moment on we were hooked. We loved it so much and started sharing it with our friends.


So thank you MEEN for that incredible concert, that night my 1st rock night, and I’m proud to say that it was & I quote Toni :” Akhou Man!” \m/

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12 thoughts on “\m/ My 1rst Rock Concert \m/

  1. Mohamad

    Pretty Cool post!

  2. Thanks!

  3. diala michlawi

    I really liked what you wrote. Finally you expressed your feeling about the music that you like. I love the style of writing and i love you so much rorii

  4. fahed kreydieh

    keep it up Rayan 😉

  5. I’m an ethnomusicology major and actually wrote a paper on Rock/Metal music in the Near East, Meen was one band I talked about! haha

    • Interesting! Never heard of that major before! But the weird part is that MEEN’s popularity is not that huge around Lebanon, so how did you know about these guys?! (Your name clearly shows that you’re not a Lebanese!)

  6. Haha yeah I’m an American of European and American Indian descent. Ethnomusicology basically looks at music on a global scale, it tries to see how it functions in societies and the like. To get a feel for what it is check out my blog more.

    As for the Meen discovery, it came about through research I was doing into various rock and metal bands in the Near East and they just happened to come up. Check out the paper if you are curious more about ethnomusicology also http://www.academia.edu/1822282/Rock_and_Metal_Music_in_the_Modern_Arab_World


    • Wow! That’s really something! I’m living in the middle east but I never heard of “Massar Egbari” or “Jadal”! & when I read the name “Mashrou’ Leila”, I went like Daaa! If he knows about MEEN then he sure does about Leila!
      Anyway, thank you for sharing this 🙂 & Good luck with your study!

  7. Great post Rayan! Btw I had the chance to listen to their songs when I was having dinner at Jbeil last summer. People eye’s popping out for each song they sang was hilarious. You did them justice with your review. Great Lebanese band!

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