Beauty for Wo…Oh! Men!

BEAUTY for men care center - Achrafieh, Lebanon   It’s strange to find in the Arab world, a beauty center that is designated to take care of men. The idea as a whole is fresh and unfamiliar. But in a country like Lebanon, any challenge is automatically accepted. Beauty for Men spa & care center is owned by Miss Maguy Nassar,  who is a Lebanese entrepreneur in the sector of men health care and wellness. The center treatments include: Laser, Slimming, Firming,  Lifting without surgeries, Hand & Foot Care, Massage, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Pigmentation, Scars, Stretch Marks, Face Lifting, and Wax & Hair Removal. Not to forget, new services that are updated as soon as new remedies or technologies are created.

 When I tried to google Beauty for Men, their web page was easy to find. I opened the center’s official website to check it out, since I’m not used to see any beauty & care services in Lebanon that do not include me – a girl- in its target market, so the idea got my curiosity! I found the logo of the brand at the top of the web page with settle colors, occupied with a convenient background- the brown & white are a couple of the best colors to target men, since they show simplicity, clarity, and toughness.

Alongside of the logo, there is the sites where Beauty for Men is available online, such as Twitter, Facebook, You tube, and Linked in. It is all impressive, holding things up-to-date with social media progress, but if I may suggest, a blog (to share customers experiences for instance) and Pinterest account (to share interesting pictures with the audience) would’ve completed their set of sites. Afterwards, you are faced with a slide show of four pictures showing samples of the way men are treated in the center. Thereafter, the company’s mission, and a preview of archived interviews and achievements.

Later then, I logged into their Facebook page, there I saw the cover photo presented by an ad for the In shape fair at Biel, where Beauty for Men are having their own space down there. The ad is very clear, and straightforward, with the title “road to Mantenance”.

The way Beauty for Men market for their target segment is pretty interesting, since beauty and care sector is labeled for women only around the country, Beauty for Men never forgets to remind his customers about how macho they are. For instance, inserting the wheels path prints in the middle of the ad is one way of combining what men like (driving cars) and at the same time is a part of most men identities.  Not to forget the background picture of the F1 maintenance team, which links the ad’s title to the picture.

I scrolled down the page to check the pictures and posts, where I saw the picture of the owner, their exact location in the In Shape fair, and also some daily tips and advises.  And the latter are the things that I liked the most, since on my Facebook home page I’m used to see health and beauty tips for women only; now men can benefit from this feature too by liking Beauty for Men Facebook page. On the other side, putting myself in the shoe of a potential man customer, I would’ve like it more if I see more pictures for men (like male celebrities, current customers, shared experiences,..)  on the Facebook page than those for women.

In the end, a little bit of Mantenance wouldn’t hurt anyone, on the contrary, it might help boost your confidence volume to the max!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty for Wo…Oh! Men!

  1. Very interesting concept for sure. Thanks Rayan for following my blog! Best of luck with your adventures!

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