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Yes “Grammar Nazis”, I wrote it with a “C”!


Well, in this digital age, everything is turning into an easy technology that can make our lives easier. & since relationships are very Continue reading

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\m/ My 1rst Rock Concert \m/

I hate talking too much so let’s just get to the point – & yes I’m mad because I wrote this blog before, but it didn’t save so now I’m writing it all over. I love rock music – like really love rock music! Four words summarize it: My Passion In Life –  especially the alternative genre, which includes my favorite type of indie rock.

As I grew up in age, my first band crush was for Continue reading

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Beauty for Wo…Oh! Men!

BEAUTY for men care center - Achrafieh, Lebanon   It’s strange to find in the Arab world, a beauty center that is designated to take care of men. The idea as a whole is fresh and unfamiliar. But in a country like Lebanon, any challenge is automatically accepted. Beauty for Men spa & care center is owned by Miss Maguy Nassar,  who is a Lebanese entrepreneur in the sector of men health care and wellness. The center treatments include: Laser, Slimming, Firming,  Lifting without surgeries, Hand & Foot Care, Massage, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Pigmentation, Scars, Stretch Marks, Face Lifting, and Wax & Hair Removal. Not to forget, new services that are updated as soon as new remedies or technologies are created.

 When I tried to google Beauty for Men, Continue reading

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